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I did an oil change bout 3 week ago I went to a mechanic not shortly after because of noise in my engine to find out not enough oil in my car same location refused to put my wiper blades on my car and when your oil change is done they make you sit outside and wait for 10 minutes to pay and I went to Mrlube on march 3rd for an oil change and new wipers.

I told them to only do this service and not to check anything else. Then told me to start my car of course it would not Forgot to put the skid plate on, let me drive away without it. They phoned me to come get it so I came back. They tie wrapped it on because they lost the bolts, then said it was like that.

They also lost my valve stem caps when they checked the tire pressure. The manager also told me they So I called they said that they could do my truck in the aroura building and then they called me back telling me to go to their other store so I do and they said that they can't do it either.

So I went to the other one that I talked with and the guy Ricky started getting all mad at me and I got an oil change on Oct. As a customer I have no idea what Went in to get a basic oil change and the guy told me I should get my differential fluid changed. He didn't me mention the part that there was 3 differentials and it wa On September 6, I went to Mr. Lube at Victoria Park Avenue for an oil and filter change. While I was there the technician tried to talk me into getting an engine flush which I didn't need.

Even when I stood firm that all I needed was an oil and filter change, he insisted that I needed Hello, Last month when I went to mr lube on 24 July for the service I told them to change engine oil and other things they suggested me to change transmission and coolant liquids and I agreed with them and told them whatever they feel go for that. After the service when I drove the A few days ago I called Mr. Lube at Merivale and Baseline rd.

Mr. Lube at 1790 Marine Drive, North Vancouver

Ottawa on. Now I go for undercoating every fall with my wife car at I have always been a happy customer of Mr. Lube Courtenay on Lerwick Rd.

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On January 5, , I had an oil change. Of course I sit in my car during. In order to get at my oil filter, you have to remove the Engine Cover. I had replaced my windshield wiper fluid the week before so I know my I went to Mr. Lube on May 31st for a simple oil change. Mr Lube The technician's name is Ryan.

He had explained to me that there were two services that were recommended to do for my vehicle that have been recommended before on I took my vehicle to Mr.

Recommended places to get an oil change?

Lube at Kennedy and Lawrence in Scarborough in November for a tire change. Vehicle had approximately 35, km on it.

The technician advised that they saw rust on the wheel and by the time I April 2, I went to the Mr. I had asked how long I have on my tires.

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The man said a full season. I had gone to my dealership for issues with my car, they told me I had 2 bald tires and one on backwards. When i went back to complain the On April 24 I brought my new Mazda 3 in for a seasone tire change with rims already on tires. Before the attendant started I had Instructed him to be careful not to scratch as they are new and custom. He replied "no problem".

Mobil 1 Port Coquitlam

After the service was done and I got out of car, all 4 rim I had 4 new tires replaced at the Whitby location and they dented 3 of the rims on my truck with a tire iron. Within a week a had a flat tire and the two other wheels were leaking air as well. I found out that they had broken the tire stems inside the wheels at the TPMS sensors. For the I want my money back for I took my vehicle ford Escape for an oil change at your store Everest West services Inc. He said they had to use a special synthetic oil and it would cost me Took my Honda Accord into the Mr.

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Lube at Speers Rd. Oil change went fine, but when the guy was finished changing the tires on the passenger side he let my car drop roughly with me in it I have taken my truck to mr. Lube in med. Thinking a lube is oil change and grease job? To my surprise I find the grease nipples had never been greased, caked up and covered in dirt.

You call it a mr. Lube should be called a mr. We went in for an oil change yesterday and the tech offered to check our cabin air filter which definitely needed to be replaced. Before even consulting us the tech contacted PartSource and was having it driven over. Making us feel like we had to get it. When we questioned the Worse customer service ever! I was at one of tej Mr lube locations here in Toronto, Ontario to get new set of winter tires. Save on the things you love — restaurants, movie tickets, golf, zoos, skiing, shopping, travel and more.

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